Monday, July 14, 2008

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobics vs. Pagans

I was living in a Devil Town
Didn't know it was a Devil Town
Oh, Lord, it really brings me down
About the Devil Town

And all my friend were vampires
Didn't know they were vampires
Turns out I was a vampire myself
In the Devil Town

I was living in a Devil Town
Didn't know it was a Devil Town
Oh Lord it really brings me down
About the Devil Town
~Daniel Johnston

Click here to listen to it---it's worth it.

You'll see where I'm headed here in a minute. It's called SUSPENSE.

Keith and I went to Nez Perce today to get tags for The Little Brown Turd (still working on a better name). They have the closest county courthouse. We tried to get licenses, too, but we were turned away because we didn't have a lease or a utility bill in our names. Fascists! So we have to return with a notarized statement from my parents saying we do indeed live in Idaho. Good thing Mom's a notary. Crimeny.

A few miles this side of Nez Perce we saw a woman walking her bike down the highway and a man riding his (he'd stopped) a ways up the road. So, figuring she was having bike trouble, we turned around and offered her a lift into town. She was grateful---especially since people 'round these parts aren't exactly sympathetic to bicyclists. Her name was Erin. I didn't take a picture of her because I didn't want to freak her out.

where we turned around
to pick up the bicyclist

Nez Perce is a quiet little town. I think I would go crazy if I lived there.

Main Street Nez Perce, Idaho

And apparently they are quite religious. No surprise: small farming town in rural Idaho. Anyhow, we were offered plates that had been returned several times, according to the lady at the assessor's office.

Here's Keith outside the courthouse holding our new tags:
3L 11666

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia: the fear of the number 666. I mean, seriously? What do you suppose would happen if your plates had 666 on them? You'd be smote? Ok, sure we'll take them. We're almost pagans anyway. Damn hippie treehugging dirt worshipers! (Seriously though, that bumper sticker would match my car perfectly!)

We asked how much personalized plates are---you have to send off for those. We came up with several options we thought we might be able to get away with: MERDE, RUNS, CACAW... but the more I think about it the more I think that we'll keep the 11666 tags.

We hauled out the shopvac yesterday and gave the car a good cleaning, cutting out the back seat cover and emptying the trunk (there was about 3" of rusty water under the spare tire). And I bought some Febreeze and a New Car smell air freshener. I'll check it today and see if it still smells like Ol Dirty Car or if it smells like Ol' Dirty Car Masked By Air Freshener. I have to take it to town to gas it up so maybe I'll be posting more pictures.

Tuesday's agenda:
--transplant heirloom tomatoes...they're crowding each other in the busket they're in
--wash fabric for new shirts I'mma gonna make
--make chocolate chip banana bread
--keep reading my daytime book, Infinite Jest (it's too hefty to read with a booklight)

The "regular" tomatoes are coming on strong. We counted half a dozen or so last night.

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Melissa M. said...

How good of you to take the plate that no other would. You my friend are a do gooder.
I think a good name for your car is Friend. Then Friend can take you wherever you need to go.
I really like the car, you just don't see much brown these days.
I'm medicated, does that show???