Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All domesticated-like

I've never been very good at being a wife in a 1950s sort of way: cooking, cleaning, making babies... good thing I married someone who is fine without all that!

But lately I have been climbing the domesticity scale like The Price Is Right cliffhanger yodeling guy.

Case in point: banana bread.

The consensus was:
1 loaf plain banana bread (Dad, 1 vote)
1 loaf chocolate chip banana bread (Mom, April 1 vote each)
Keith abstained by default since he was at work.

Now, I've been talking about making banana bread out of the VERY ripe bananas on the counter for about a week. Let's just say I was waiting for them to reach optimal brownness. Which they did.

I can see where banana slugs get their name.

This looks disgusting, but it will get better.

What, you thought I was making this by hand??

Sifting is my favorite part of any baking project.

I could really use a laminated cookbook.

Eggshells can go in the compost bin
as long as you crunch them up.
Strangely satisfying--the crushing--, but pointy.

Okay, I lied.
Sifting is not my favorite part.
Chocolate chips are my favorite part!
Some for the banana bread, some for me...

This is the part where I wish Scratch-n-Sniff
was included as an internets add-on.
Someone make that app, ok?

Wife cred increases exponentially with baked goods. Even if you're not a baker--like me, give it a try. If something goes horribly wrong your pets might eat it.

And now Keith's home from work so we're going to sit on the porch and have some couple time. In plain view of the neighbors! Fully clothed, though. He needs a shower.


megan said...

yum yum yum!! this looks good.

Arika said...

Yum! I love chocolate chip banana bread! I think I will buy a few extra bananas next time i go shopping.

Rebecca said...

I'm domesticated to a certain extent: I love to cook. I love banana bread. Even so, I can't believe I've never put chocolate chips in my 'naner bread. Thanks for making me feel like a dope this morning! :-)