Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I was in surgery this afternoon.

Several open wounds had to be excised and covered with Seal & Heal Goop (or something). Like for grafting fruit trees? Had I ever heard that phrase before this week? No. But today I read it once and then my dad said it, too, when we was explaining the project. (He's Senior Management. I am a laborer.)

Tree surgery. That's right.

cutting up the tree
listening to Savage LoveCast
getting annoyed by a left-handed knife

"M*A*S*H: Tuttle (#1.15)" (1973)
Capt. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce: [creating Tuttle's service record] Religion?
Army Capt. 'Trapper John' McIntyre
: Atheist.
Capt. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
: I don't believe in atheism. Let's make him a Druid.
Cpl. Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly
: What's that?
Capt. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
: They worship trees.
Cpl. Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly
: Ah, a tree surgeon.
Capt. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce: [writing] Druid, reformed. They're allowed to pray at bushes.

Keith hung up the (a) hammock today between two of the fruit trees (pear and something else?). Nodded off a couple times, he said. Looking forward to that this summer. Library card + hammock = hours of potential procrastination. There's a growing List of Projects. It will come in handy.

The dogs are still adjusting. It's basically like doggie heaven. The only thing that could improve their situation would be more carcasses to roll in. The hay field to the west is cut and there is usually one or two surprises to be found when it gets cut. Dogs are The Best at finding them, too. My parents' dog Itchy found one this morning. Disgusting. Be glad the internet hasn't yet adapted anything like Odorama because you know I'd be linking to that.

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