Friday, June 27, 2008

What the internets are good for...maybe even best at

[Yeah, I know, poor grammar---deal with it.]

I'm a fan of feed readers. I got hooked at my last job when I had plenty of time to kill on the internets and my bookmark list was getting too cumbersome. Since I had a gmail account already established I just started using Google Reader, but I'm sure there are others (maybe better ones) out there.

But one of the features of Google Reader that I really like is that is keeps track of what you look at on the internet and recommends blogs/podcasts/news sources that are similar. (Very Big Brother but in a helpful sort of way.) In an effort to really try to live the New Plan, I try to limit the amount of time I'm online [completely letting go is not within my reach just yet], so I've been downsizing the number of feeds coming into my reader and weeding out the ones that aren't consistently compelling. But I also find a lot of really good information online, especially about apocalyptic/sustainable/back-to-nature/self-reliance people.

Today I found a new semi-local blog called A Year of Plenty--about a family in Spokane that's practicing eating/buying local for a year. In one of their posts they linked to which looks like a possibly really useful site, depending on where you live. I found a garlic farm in Kooskia! But just the possibility of buying from farms instead of processed food from the grocery store is exciting. Clothing, dried goods, even pet supplies---all sorted by distance from your ZIP code.

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Craig said...

Glad you found your way to Year of Plenty. Looks like you have a fun blog. Blessings.