Monday, June 9, 2008

T minus 1 day

Tuesday morning we pick up the Penske. It's almost time. Wow.

We'd planned on going to brekkie at the Dockside, but I am reconsidering that. See: heartburn that comes from eating deliciously fried foods filled with cheese and covered with gravy. I don't want to hear Keith complaining on the entire drive over there, basically. If any of our other long-distance car trips are an indicator of how this one will go, I will be reading to him from whatever newspaper/"newspaper" is available at the gas station. Usually it's the boregonian. Anyway, between filtering his news and filtering his music my plate will be plenty full without dispensing Pepto. I only have 2 hands. For sure, we are hitting Voodoo on the way out Wednesday morning. And probably Stumptown. Keith has a coupon for a free coffee.

Burnside last week, early morning

Oh, did I mention the dogs are riding up front with us?
Enter: doggy Benadryl [TM]

We had to take Mia to the vet the other night because we panicked (thanks, internet!) that she had distemper, doggy AIDS, or Parkinson's when she woke up from her nap twitching. Probably just dehydrated...I gave her some water and a carrot and by the time we walked down the vet 30 minutes later she was fine. But he also suggested giving her Benadryl [TM] for her persistent itchiness (is this a dalmatian thing??). The first attempt to put it down her gullet later that night ended in some shouting, a gagging dog, and a wet soggy dog-slobbered capsule being flung across the room. Then we wisened up and slipped it to her in some peanut butter.

Confirmed:We are smarter than the dogs.

killers, vicious tennis ball killers

So one of the side effects of Benadryl [TM] is drowsiness. Drowsiness that could come in handy on a 10-ish-hour trip in a moving truck... So, yes, I am suggesting we drug our dogs. MILD sedation, no worries. I predict it will make a happier trip for everyone. We keep promising them that in just a few days their lives are going to change dramatically. As previously discussed: possibly an obstacle course on the island, impromptu/DIY-style of course. Hidden carrots. Lots o' frisbee. Swimming. This is going to be quite the summer for them.

As for Keith and I, we are preparing to pretend to start a new life. As in: fake it 'til you make it. I don't want to get sucked back into what we're trying to leave. I want to make an honest attempt at rewiring my brain. (Reducing our Netflix plan counts, that's a start!) So we have to keep each other reeled in. Luckily, I think we are both prepared for, and rather experienced at, just that. A daily struggle sometimes.

behind the back, no-lookie shot

I was reminded today that life is basically a series of opportunities for course correction. Perfect! We'll take a mediocrely-informed stab at it and adapt as necessary. That's how we've approached it so far and it feels like we're going along ok. If we're backin' up it's just to get a running start. I get to build a house with my husband, to our specifications. At the very least it will be an exercise in patience. At the most... I can't imagine. A life story, I suppose. I am excited.


Mayumi said...

you won't remember me but I used to work with you at the glorious shit-hole known fondly as "Stream." I was on the same MSN contract as you but quit shortly after the TB scare; not for my health but for my sanity.... anywho...I remember you had the chair with the sign on it that read, "DON'T TAZE ME BRO!!!" which was the best thing to come out of a Stream cube since i don't know what. I was the chick who wore GBH and CRASS shirts, if that narrows it down. i've always wantd to say hi but youknow....I'm chicken shit and this whole thing is awkward seeing as how I've stumbled upon your page via Melissa Lion. So Blame HER....


April said...

Hey yeah (I think) I remember you---you had the Gonzo bag, right? Man, leaving that job was so relieving. What a crazy place. Thanks for the visit and for saying hi---I'm the same way, so I appreciate it.