Monday, June 16, 2008

Not working is harder than I thought

I haven't been this productive in a long time. And Keith would probably say I'm slacking. Like I was just out weeding the garden and the skeeters were eating me up so I beat feet it back to the house as soon as I was done. Keith gave me some sarcastic remark about how mosquitoes don't come out in the morning. What a coincidence, neither do I!

Actually I got up before 9 today! and we walked the dogs down to the river. They're getting used to this No Leash Life. I think Mia was a farm dog in a previous life because she is really getting the hang of it. She stays close, hasn't chased any neighbors, and only once in a while she tries to chase one of the cats. Pretty good considering they might have been a food source for her after the Hurricane!

Come-to-Jesus Meeting
before we left on our walk to the river

The river is really high from all the spring run-off. There's no way we're getting out to the island until much later this summer. Of course Lazlo could not resist taking a quick swim. He'll swim in a mud puddle if he thinks it's deep enough. Mia waded in to her chest or so and then they ran around playing grabass.

On the way back to the house Lazlo said hi to the neighbor goats (not these, other neighbor goats).

Since Keith's the project coordinator in this marriage, we decided to weed the raspberries next. I think he started out using our little manual reel mower to just do a quick trim, but we figured out we should get down and do the dirty work.

dogs supervise

We pulled out a heaping wheelbarrow (plus some) of weeds, grass, and old dead raspberry stems. What's left should be able to produce more fruit this summer. There are already some green berries and the bees are still busy pollenating.

My sister leaves Wednesday morning to spend the summer in New York, so I helped her set up a blog. She calls it A Small Potato in the Big Apple since she'll be just a quick train ride into The City. Former Portlander Ara was nice enough to forward a visitor's guide she made for her out-of-town wedding guests, so Amanda will have some ideas of what to do on her days off.

It's an exciting time for us Leach girls!

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