Thursday, October 9, 2008

The death of the garden

Fall has been sneaking up on us. Football season is underway (homecoming is Friday). We've watched the leaves slowly turn and start to fall. We've started sleeping inside my parents' house because two blankets and two pit bulls is just not enough to keep warm in a tent.

This morning we woke up to frost all over the garden. The plants looked wilted and there were small ice crystals on everything.

While I'm sad about the potential loss of some of our crops, I think I am most sad about my sunflowers. I planted them late and didn't even know if they'd reach full height. Just in the last couple of weeks the tallest kind (I planted regular and dwarf varieties) sprouted heads and they were just starting to open up.
Then BAM--frost.
Don't they look pathetic? Utterly defeated by the cold weather.

So this afternoon we'll head out to the garden to see what we can salvage. Hopefully some spaghetti squash and the cauliflower. The carrots will be fine. The eggplant had just started to blossom--it's probably a goner.

I guess this is a result of being such amateurs. Another lesson learned:PAY ATTENTION TO THE WEATHER. It's supposed to stay cold for the next few days...

We hope to break ground on the Tiny House early next week. We have a little bit of building supply wrangling left to do and a whole lot of work ahead of us. The cold doesn't motivate me to be working outside, but the thought of a warm toasty Tiny House later this winter sure does.


evangeline said...

ohhhhh bye bye, garden. see you next spring.

i'm wondering how you are gonna build a house in the winter???




April said...

hopefully it will only take a few weeks to get it habitable for winter---it won't be finished by any means, but as long as it's weatherproof, that's all we need at first.

then again, we only have a few weeks until the first (usual) snow...