Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wall 2!

I think you can see where this is going. Daily updates, each day another wall goes up. Well, until all the walls are up. Then we start talking about the roof. Predictable, yes? That's how construction is supposed to go.

Today's post is sponsored by...camo beer?!
I'm pretty sure they only sell this "limited edition" in rural towns. Keith came out of the store last night, cracking up, got in the car and said, "Well, I've seen everything." We live in a town where nothing is too sacred for camo. And also, drinking and hunting go together like... um, what's their message here?

This wall proved much more difficult to construct and stand than the first one. Mostly because it will hold not only a window the size of the one of the opposite end, but also a double-pane 48" x 89.25" window that weighs about 300lbs. So, understandably, we wanted to make sure it was stout. Which it is.

Muy fuerte.

I continue to hone my nail gun skills (no friendly fire injuries yet!) and I am also quite adept with the speed square (see pocket). Mostly for marking the cripples and king studs so Keith can cut them. The circular saw, I don't use.

Tomorrow we're building the west wall--the kitchen, bathroom--in 2 pieces. It will have a small window and a big window (like the wall we built today) and the 2-way mirror in the bathroom.

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Melissa M. said...

This is so fun to watch, keep those updates coming!