Monday, October 6, 2008

I wonder...

if I will continue to miss Portland so much come this winter, when I know it's raining cats and dogs there. I've been thinking about it a lot lately, missing it, missing the ability to walk downtown aimlessly, missing the different places to eat, missing my time alone with Keith.

why people are so surprised to hear our house will be about 200 sq. ft. Like, flabbergasted. I'm excited we're going to be living in a place no bigger than we need. It's going to be a challenge, no doubt. But I want to people to reconsider the prevailing notion that 2 people need a 1,000+ sq. ft. dwelling.

why my request list from the library sits and sits and sits and I don't have any books to read and then 20 books come in all at once. They should know I have a problem returning books on time. I don't need this! I just want to read my books! I really feel incomplete if I don't have SOMETHING to read. And Infinite Jest is dwindling quickly! Here I go requesting another book, hoping it comes soon---all by itself.

how I can get a small town to get onboard with a comprehensive recycling plan without being seen as a pinko commie (already bordering on that, apparently. See: tiny house). I walked into the post office today to see a man tossing his junk mail into the trash can they have set up by the door. Uh, that could be recycled!

how much longer we can sleep out in the tent. Cold. And new barking dogs next door.

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