Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stake Out

We spent the morning on grapes...tedious, boring, delicious, grapes.
We went from this (times several)
to this
and it took all afternoon to finish.

I helped clean the grapes, but mom did all the work of making the juice (1/2 c. of sugar + 1 c. grapes + boiling water in a jar + water bath canner = grape juice?!) and ended up with SEVENTY quarts. Holy grape juice, Batman. And that was just from a fruit box and the canner full---our cousins took 4 or 5 times that much! Just think of all the wine we could have. I imagine that's a little more labor intensive.

While mom and I were making juice, Keith and dad were readying the walkway off the back patio for new concrete next week (when we have the concrete delivered for the Tiny House, mom and dad will get a new walkway).

FINALLY, we were ready to stake out the foundation for the Tiny House.
But, first there were some last minute calculations made on the floor of the garage.
Keith says this is a tax write-off.
(Actually I just wanted to post this photo because...
look at those baby blues!
Click on it for a larger size.)

More consulting. We're very thorough.
Notice the textbook in Keith's lap.

We now have 9 stakes where Keith will drill (while I'm at work this week) 9 holes for footers. We're going to sink 5"x5" beams in each hole (12" across and 3' deep) and then fill around the beams with concrete. Then cut all the beams off at level and build rim joists on those.

Keith's been calculating, re-calculating, and re-re-calculating and it's finally underway! VERY exciting! So he'll rent an auger and drill the holes this week, we'll get the concrete delivered, hopefully, on Thursday or Friday, and then we can start building. The windows should be here early this week.

It's finally happening.


Patia said...

Congrats on the ground-breaking! How fun.

When I was growing up, my parents made wine from our grapevines. I remember the plastic-lined trash cans sitting in a corner of the kitchen for a few months .... One year it fermented too long and my parents gave away red wine vinegar for Christmas presents.

April said...

i'm checking that out---winemaking--for next year!