Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Introduction

My sister brought her boyfriend, also named Keith!, home to meet the family and she thought it'd be fun to hit one of the town bars. He's from a small town, too, so I hope his expectations weren't too high. One of the only open tables was right near the karaoke table (manned by a small with a Super Mullet and a Hawaiian Tropic shirt), which was unfortunate and entertaining at the same time.

A few rounds in, a Native man at the table behind us handed us some smoked fish and demanded that we try it. We hid it in an empty glass, but he was very persistent and eventually he slapped down about a quarter of a smoked fish in front of Amanda's Keith and said, "Welcome to Nez Perce Territory." The Keiths were brave and tried and said it was actually pretty good. Although Amanda and Keith said they guy got body slammed over the fish just before closing time.
After a late breakfast, Saturday consisted of:

In Tiny House News: the lumber, plywood, and windows were delivered Friday morning.
I had a lunch meeting in Grangeville with the owner of the newspaper and by the time I got back the concrete truck was just getting ready to leave.

I'd never done anything with concrete before, and I hope I never have to again. It was hard work! (See a developing pattern: hard work? then me complaining about hard work?)

We'll let the concrete set up over the weekend and Keith will start building on Monday. It's going to be VERY HARD to go to work for 3 days knowing Keith is starting without me. I am really looking forward to us building the house together, even though it will be...hard work.


evangeline said...

yeah, i can only imagine concrete being hard. work.

sooooooo happy for you guys! and happy for me that i gt to watch this house being built every step of the way!


brett said...

at least you had the truck. I made the mistake of doing it all with bags- 50+ of them. I was sore for a week.

Love the shots of the river.