Monday, October 27, 2008

One. Two. Three! Walls!

Three walls are up!
It's almost a box > which is nearly a cube > which makes an inhabitable structure.

The panorama software distorts the image, the middle wall is actually at a slight angle, not bowed. Use your imagination.

from the end

from a distance

Seeing it take the shape of a house, instead of this mythical thing that exists only in our heads, makes me more and more anxious to imagine what it will look like finished.

And then I start to daydream about decorating it, making it custom KBAB-style.
And my new favorite design blog is Design Milk.
Today it had a link to an online store called Keep Calm Gallery.
Which is where I found these awesome prints. That I can totally imagine hanging around the Tiny House.

what has changed?

The next wall won't go up until Thursday.
And we better get crackin' on the doors because we'll need those soon!


evangeline said...

WOOOOHOOOOOOO !!! I can't believe it! It's THERE!

and i love the prints of course. :)

CN said...

i hope the new house has room for 'who paints boxes'.

April said...

oh, that's one of the requirements, CN---don't worry!