Sunday, October 5, 2008


First item on the agenda...
Confidential to my hatemail cyberstalker--"Anonymous" asshat in Arizona (Don, is it?) leaving lurid, threatening comments: Find something more constructive to do with your time than leave nasty comments on my boring blog. I mean, seriously, are you an adult? And you spend your free time harassing strangers? Wow.

The biggest annoyance is now I have to moderate comments. Crimeny.


Been working on the front doors, now that we have the glass for them. Filling in holes with wood putty, breaking out mullions.
Transplanted some boysenberries from the neighbors--- I found someone on the bartering network who wanted to trade berries for wine, but it turns out we didn't pick enough this year (they're spoken for--for making syrup). I told her I'd take a raincheck--next year, hopefully!
Built more compost bins--3-in-1, in fact.
Mia supervised.
Lazlo was on Squirrel Patrol.
Tried out the fire pit and it performed like a champ.
Back to work tomorrow. Keith's going up to his old job to start taking apart a barn. We're getting the barn wood in exchange for his labor. And Thursday and Friday (my days off) I'll go up and help him figure out how to take down 20' high beams. Should be interesting.

Right now we're on schedule to break ground around October 11.


Chris said...

Why on earth would anyone leave you lurid, threatening comments? What a jackass. Sorry to hear that.

April said...

Apparently he didn't like what I posted on a survival blog, about how I think there should be some limits to gun ownership...

Why he decided to take my opinion so personally and start attacking me, I can only guess. Obviously he's an angry person.

Rushman said...

Hey April,
Sorry you are getting messed with by some asshat. I guess he doesn't understand what is truely great about this country and that is there is plenty of room for everyone and there opinions. I am sorry I missed that little debate and did comment on it later. Just remember most that read those sites are just mall ninjas and nothing more. You are living or should I say trying to live the self-relient lifestyle. Though we agree on most things I am glad there are people in this movement like you to help balance things out. Good Luck with your little house. Oh and it is not survival blog that it was on. James Rawles' site is survival blog and does not post comments. I look forward to you blogs. Good luck with all things

Chris said...

Well, feel free to leave all the lurid, threatening comments you want on my blog, since we disagree on Lebowski.