Thursday, October 16, 2008

We are now officially underway

Concrete was scheduled to come today.
The rain this morning put a kink in our plans and we had to reschedule it for tomorrow.
It all worked out for the best, though, because we would have been really pressed for time to get everything done by 1:00pm.

So I didn't take many photos of the actual work we did today because I was...working! And it was good, honest, hard work. Post hole digging is the best form of aerobics out there, I tell ya. And Keith and dad had already drilled the holes yesterday, with a rented auger. I was just pulling some loose dirt out of the bottoms of the holes. I would NOT make it in the olden days. Or being Amish.

Keith, dad, and neighbor Frank
on a break

We placed all of the posts in the holes and made them plumb and square with each other at the right measurements. Much harder than it sounds.

9 posts in about 4 hours

Concrete truck will be here tomorrow at 1pm. After the concrete sets we'll cut the posts down to the right height and we'll be able to start building from there.

Also, we're going to finish getting the fire pit ready tomorrow.
We're going to make an inner form so there will be a doughnut shape around the fire pit. Too bad it won't be ready for my sister's visit tomorrow. She's the infamous pyromaniac in our family.

The weather was great for being and working outdoors today (after the rain stopped), so I tried to capture some of it.

we have apples, too
and we're doing nothing with them
the color is dependent on the pH of the soil
(and some other things)
the birch tree is losing its leaves
pano at the bridge
over the Clearwater River
going into town


stephen said...

are you going to put a "time capsule" in the concrete? my dad and I would do that when we built stuff.

April said...

actually, i just thought about it yesterday... and i don't think we have time to make a good one. too bad because it's a cool idea.

brett said...

so excited for you all. I remember digging holes for my porch posts. not fun, but rewarding in the end. your place it going to truly be a home!

Melissa M. said...

Great photos, as always!
I sure miss trees, and rivers, and rain.